Checklist – Shift 3

4amCoffee Prep
Complete a coffee flush cycle using the instructions inside the coffee machine. Make sure the cleaning cup has been placed on the drip tray.
– Check all the bins and make sure they are filled to the “fill line” on each.
– If anything is significantly lower than the line – refill using the bags of coffee product.
– If you fill any product, remember to reset the electronic counter using the instructions inside the machine.
Be sure NOT to over-fill the coffee dispenser bins.
– They should NOT be completely full as the gears inside will jam or coffee will be pushed out over the top and into the internal workings of the machine.
Use a disinfecting wipe (or multi-surface cleaner) to clean the front of the coffee machine.
– Empty the stand-up trashcan into the back office trash bin.
– More trash bags can be found under the front desk below Station 1.

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