Checklist – Shift 3

3amProperty Walk & Tasks
Put up the “stepped away” sign with the return time for at least 30mins.
Take one of the housekeeping smart phones and enter Clean Me Next App.
– Login as the Front Desk (Pin is 3367). Click the icon in the upper left and select All Rooms
– Use the app to make note of any repairs needed or burned out lights.
– Tap either General Hotel or Parking Lot to take a picture of repair items.
Conduct a walk of the entire property. Check both parking lots and all three buildings.
– Be sure to go upstairs and into the gym, vending, and guest laundry.
– These facilities are available 24hrs a day but make sure everything is ok!
Any No-shows? Remember to add them to Clean Me Next.
– Use the “Notes” box next to the room that no-showed.
Empty the paper shredder in the back office.
Check the CC folders for this month in Google Drive.
– If it’s the last day of the month, create next month’s folder if not done already.

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