Checklist – Shift 3

11pmShift Start
Did you punch in? If you don’t remember doing so, check the time clock to make sure you have.
Uniform shirt and name tags are required. If missing, let Ashley know.
Make sure you have the FD keys. Put around your neck for the shift.
Make sure AKIA is running as a tab on Station 1. If not, you can open it here.
– (This is critical as guests may contact you via this app from inside or outside the hotel.)
Check for new Emails. DELETE any emails with attachments ending in .jar, .exe, or .html
Check for Updates on the Clean Me Next log, and both whiteboards and poster boards.
Check to see if cameras are running on Station 2.
– May need to be logged back in. The camera in the rear parking lot facing the building is on the very edge of Wifi so signal may come and go during the night.
Check “Remaining Departures” on the AutoClerk home page. This should read zero.
– If not, research why and check out any rooms that should be gone.
At least the Tower, Chandelier, Shelving, and Emergency Lights must be on.
– If you feel comfortable with more lights, feel free to leave more on.
Check for AutoClerk Overbookings (Reservations > Availability). Correct any if you can.
Check for banned guests on the Arrivals List:

Enter today’s Arrivals List (Arrivals > View List). Go into each arriving guest and click the end of the Last Name box, then hit the space bar. This will bring up the past stay histories under this last name. Verify this guest is not on the Do Not Rent list (old profiles will appear in red.) If you do see a profile in red, verify these guests are the same. If the guest is banned, use AKIA to let this arrival know the room is being canceled then cancel the stay in AutoClerk. Be sure to do this for all arriving guests. If no red profile comes up, simply escape the reservation without changing it.

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