Checklist – Shift 3

1amProperty Walk
Put up a lobby closed sign for 30 minutes from now.
Take one of the housekeeping smart phones and enter Clean Me Next App.
– Login as the Front Desk (Pin is 3367). Click the icon in the upper left and select All Rooms
– Use the app to make note of any repairs needed or burned out lights.
– Tap either General Hotel or Parking Lot to take a picture of repair items.
Conduct a walk of the entire property. Check both parking lots and all three buildings.
– Be sure to go upstairs and into the gym, vending, and guest laundry.
– These facilities are available 24hrs a day but make sure everything is ok!
Make sure the door to the vending room is closed so only guests have access.
Sunday & Thursday Night? The next morning is Trash Day!
– Unlock the trash dumpsters in the rear parking lot. Combo is 3396.
– Make sure to re-clasp the lock after unlatching so the lock wont be stolen.
Check-in any reservations that haven’t arrived yet!
– If the room has not been pre-charged, try to run the CC.
– If the CC declines and we don’t have another confirmed form of payment cancel the res.
– Make note of the last name in Clean me Next in case the guest shows up after the audit.

All No-Shows with a valid CC or a pre-charge must be checked in.

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