Checklist – Shift 3

2amThe Night Audit
From the AutoClerk home page, click Main Menu, then Night Audit.
Leave the “Lock” button unchecked. This feature does not apply to us.
Invalid Reservations, Clear Folios, Clear Group Folios, House Folios, and Stayovers should all display in blue and say OK. If any of these fields are RED, call AutoClerk 24hr support.
The No-Shows button should also be blue and showing “OK”.
– If not, there are still reservations which have not yet been checked in.
1. Click the name if any display, to enter that reservation.
2. Make sure a CC shows up as “pay type”, then click Check-in.
3. AutoClerk Cloud will automatically authorize the CC on file.

Make sure to add a note to the reservation it’s a No-Show and mark on Clean Me Next. If the CC declines, simply check the room out. The reservation can be reinstated later if they show up.
Back on the Night Audit page, if the section for “No Shows” shows blue and OK?
– Click “Settle” and wait for the system to process. There may be a delay.
Next, click “Charge Folios” and wait for the process to complete.
Lastly, click “Increment Date” and wait a moment.
– If a warning about changing dates pops up, simply click OK.
The audit process is now done! The date displaying on AutoClerk in upper right is today.
IMPORTANT! The Night Audit must be completed by 4am.

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