Checklist – Shift 2

10:30pmEnd of Shift
Run a Cash Transactions Report. (Reports > Accounting > Transactions).
– Keep the date the same, Transaction Type is Cash, select your name from the “User” list.
– Click Generate Report. If you see any cash transactions listed, create a Priority Shift Log.
Check the paper towel dispenser from the back office next to the sink. If it’s lower than about 1/2 full, please refill it. It can be opened from the top using the metal key on the FD key ring shaped like a puzzle piece. More paper towels are in the back hallway closet under the stairs.
Wipe down the Front Desk surface, the keyboards, room key programmers, phone handles and keypads, credit card readers, signature iPad, computer mice, and front desk door knobs with disinfecting wipes.
(This helps prevent the spread of illness). If we’re OUT of disinfecting wipes, use “multi-surface disinfecting spray” from the dispenser in the upstairs housekeeping room, and a microfiber cloth. Leave the soiled cleaning cloth in the laundry room for housekeeping to wash.
Remember to leave the Front Desk keys in the drawer for the next shift!

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