Checklist – Shift 2

8pmGuest Checkup
Use AKIA to send a message to everyone who hasn’t shown up yet (or call them if you prefer).
– Get an estimated arrival time if you can.
Enter each reservation which hasn’t arrived yet and post charges to the card on file.
– (Treat like a prepaid) and add a note to the Comments Section “Late Arrival”
If any cards DECLINE, cancel the reservation and note in the shift log.
– You can always re-instate if the guest shows up and the room isn’t resold.
Vacuum & mop the lobby floor and back office. Vacuum is located next to mini-fridge.
– Use “orange” floor cleaner from the dispenser upstairs.
– Use at least two mop pads to avoid spreading dirty water around.
While the Vacuum is still out, vacuum the Computer Closet floor.
– Use the hose attachment and make sure to clean both sides of the closet.

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