Checklist – Shift 2

9pmProperty Walk & Tasks
Put up the “stepped away” sign with a time of at least 10 mins.
Take one of the housekeeping smart phones and enter Clean Me Next App.
– Login as the Front Desk (Pin is 3367). Tap the icon in the upper left and select All Rooms
– Use the app to make note of any repairs needed or burned out lights.
– Tap either General Hotel or Parking Lot to take a picture of repair items.
Conduct a walk of the entire property. Check both parking lots and all three buildings.
– Be sure to go upstairs and into the gym, vending, and guest laundry.
– These facilities are available 24hrs a day but make sure everything is ok!
Check the housekeeping laundry room and make sure the back window is latched.
Check the breakfast kitchen and make sure the back window is latched. AC should be 68.
When returning the phone to the charger, make sure all housekeeping phones are plugged in.

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