Checklist – Shift 2

6pmEvening Tasks
Check Clean Me Next for any rooms that are not showing as Inspected.
– If you find any, check the room in person and make sure it’s clean and ready. If so, mark it Inspected.
Make sure the pool towel display (in the pool area) is full of towels.
Review Medallia surveys to see how we’re doing. (Firefox > Best Western folder >Medallia).
– Respond to any that haven’t been answered yet.
Use a disinfecting wipe (or multi-surface cleaner) to wipe down the front of the coffee machine.
– Check the drip tray and empty it in the back office sink if it’s getting full.
– Remember to add just a little clean water to the bottom of the tray before putting it back… This keeps coffee from sticking to the plastic.
Put together 6 spare BW Rewards Welcome Bags using the materials in the back closet.
– Each bag should have: 1 Water, 1 Juice, 1 Bag of chips, 1 Bag of trail mix.
– Completed bags should be stored on the center shelf under the front desk.

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