Checklist – Shift 1

12pmDeep Cleaning
– Dust display pottery and shelves, wipe down front desk, monitors, keyboards and phones.
– Dust all window sills including the bay window area.
– Rinse lobby coffee maker hoses per Nestle Instructions and re-install.
– Wipe down the coffee station cabinet doors and TOP.
– Get the step stool from the back office if needed to see the top of the Nescafe machine.
– Sweep behind shredder, clean out cubby-holes under Front Desk with vacuum.
– Clean/dust the promotional materials display table with the brochures on it.
– Remember to dust the bottom shelf and dust the spines on the “star mirror”.
– Vacuum the floor of the computer closet using the hose attachment on the FD Vacuum.
– Use the same attachment to suck out the vents on the sides of all the machines in the computer equipment rack facing the door.
– Don’t use the vacuum on any of the fronts or backs of the machines, only the side vents.

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