Checklist – Shift 1

11amCheckout Time
Review due checkouts. From the AC Cloud Main Menu, click Remaining Departures.
Call any “due out” rooms that are still showing as occupied in AC Cloud.
– If the guest is gone, check them out. If not, add their late checkout time to Clean me Next.
Confirm BW Rewards Points in MemberWeb.
– (MemberWeb > Best Western Rewards > Pending Rewards).
Confirm BW Commissions in MemberWeb.
– (MemberWeb > BestCheque Commissions > View/Edit Commissions).
Once all the rooms have been assigned, pre paid rooms charged, and notes reviewed
– program the keys for all arrivals. Each guest gets one keycard.
– Stamp the wifi password on the outside of the key sleeve if not previously stamped.
PARKING PASSES are generated via AC Cloud in the Letters system.
– Remember to print one for every guest during check-in.

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