Checklist – Shift 1

8amCheckup and Tasks
Assign Rooms for today’s Remaining Arrivals. (Remaining Arrivals link on AutoClerk home page):
Check for notes about pets. If so, use Pets drop down to add to reservation.
Check for requested floors/areas and assign using Room buttons.
– No requests? Use “Auto”. Try to keep the same or similar names near eachother.
If a crib is needed, add to reservation with drop down menu.
– If maintenance is still here, let them know. Otherwise, set up the crib in the room.
– Click Company and type BWI, it will fill to “BWI Reimbursement”. Change pay type to Direct Bill. Enter “Availability & Rates” and click the rate class “Use Rewards Points” in orange on the left side to correct rate from 1 Cent to the correct rate. Autoclerk will ask you to verify the NEW rate is correct, click to use the new rate, then save.
Remember to save changes after every modification!!
Check coffee station for lids, cups, accessory packs. Check the dispenser bins.
– They should be filled to the fill-line. Do not overfill! If you add product, remember to reset the system.
Review Medallia surveys to see how we’re doing. (Firefox > Best Western folder >Medallia).
– Respond to any that haven’t been answered yet.

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