Television Troubleshooting

Hotel Television systems are complicated, so issues can come from many different sources.  A few quick troubleshooting steps can assist hotel staff with getting to the cause of your issue more quickly and get your TV back up and running.

The Remote Control
Controls two different devices.  Channel buttons control the cable box, and volume buttons control the TV its self.  The remote must be programmed for both and if the batteries are getting low, it may loose programming for one or the other.  Please point the remote directly at the middle of the TV and try selecting Volume up/down AND Channel up/down – make sure both settings prompt a reaction from the system.  If not, you may need a simple remote swap.  Contact the Front Desk to have a new remote brought to you.

The Cable Box
Our cable boxes work hard, much harder than the unit in your home.  Like any piece of electronics equipment with memory, they’re prone to freezing and crashing over time.  The cable box is a small black or gray unit with LED lights on it, plugged into the back of the TV.  Try unplugging the power from the back of this box for about 5 seconds, then plugging it back in.  It’s easiest to unplug the power cord from the back of the box, not from the wall.  That will clear up things like “sound but no picture” or “picture but no sound” most of the time.

Blank screen that displays “Subscription” Message
Unfortunately not all channels are available in the hotel packages we’re required to purchase from the television provider.  As a result, you’ll come across channels which we currently aren’t or can’t subscribe to.  This does not mean the system isn’t working, it just means the last guest changed the channel to one we don’t have and left it there.  Try changing the channel up or down a few times.  If you see the same message on every channel, please let the Front Desk know so we can contact our provider.

“No Signal” message or black screen displaying HDMI 1
Our guests travel with a variety of devices these days, including gaming consoles, internet streaming devices like AppleTV or FireTV.  Often, they’ll disconnect the cable box and plug the HDMI cable into their own device – then forget to plug our box back in.  There should be a short HDMI cable running from the back of the TV into the small lit-up cable box.  That cable should be plugged into HDMI port 1, though most of our TV’s have only one port to plug into.

If nothing listed above solves the issue, please contact our Front Desk.  Let them know you’ve already completed the troubleshooting steps on this page – that will reduce the time it takes to get your TV service restored tremendously.